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We are happy to say that this is our 3rd blog post and people seem to keep coming back for more, you would be ecstatic to know that this is going to be one of the bigger posts and we will be leaking some powerful information on Instagram followers. So before we get started put the kettle on make a nice cup of tea (yes before anyone asks I am British and I do like my tea) but anyway yes sit back and relax, because what your about to head is going to change your Instagram profile and make you famous, don’t worry everything we post on this website is going to be free! Well lets get started, I sure hope everyone is going to enjoy reading this post, here we go.

So as many people might know we have been researching ways to get free Instagram followers, we came across a source not long ago but before we released it we wanted to make sure that it was sustainable and reliable. We ran multiple tests and tried it our self plenty of times, we came to a conclusion that this website was face, secure and in fact very reliable. We never thought we would say this but this site that we’ve found seems to be better than any of the other paid services out there, I know right absolutely unbelievable! In case people are already getting bored of listing to me waffle on you can get your free Instagram followers by clicking the highlighted text. for those who want to know more information about this website please continue reading as there may be some more things you need to know.

The website is called TheFreeFollower and we can guarantee this is the only site which is giving away free Instagram followers, we have tried and tested many other sites listed on google with no avail. Before receiving your followers you will be asked to complete a short free survey, you may be thinking oh no here we go another survey website, listen we promise this website is working and you will defiantly receive your followers from it! I spent hours and hours on end completing surveys to try and find a website that actually works for you guys, so believe me and give it a shot!

This is a preview of TheFreeFollower, once you click the link make sure you are directed to this website, if you have any information they have a contact page and also a Skype account, good luck in getting your free followers!

Below I will post a guide for those who need help along the way, I hope this will help people get there Instagram followers.


ig username
Enter your instagram username in the box provided, please ensure you have the @tag before you name otherwise the system wont find you.


package selection
Choose from one of the 4 options, 500, 2,000, 8,000 or 10,000 free Instagram followers


survey page
You must then complete one of the surveys they have to offer, this should be a simple and short process, they promise that it shouldn’t take no longer than 5 minutes of your time, when we completed one it took around 3 minutes. Please be aware that the mobile surveys can vary, normally mobile surveys will require you to download and sometimes install some type of app/game.

Well thanks for reading this post, I hope it has helped some people become famous on Instagram, I know it’s made me look a lot more popular than I actually am. Please remember i’m always here to help so any questions just shoot me over an email by using my contact page, ill be sure to reply within a couple of hours.

Thanks and goodluck! 🙂 

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Buying Followers on Instagram, Are they worth it?

The recent surge for many of the programs on the internet provides you with the comfort of buying followers on Instagram. The results have been varying in different contexts and are based on the specific needs based on the necessity of the business or events. There are equally other means of getting free followers on Instagram, that are provided by many of enterprising sites on the internet. But the fact remains on how effective the strategy of Followers on Instagram really is? Well, the answers are dubious as there are many proper and good aspects with too many followers and substantially there are equal contradictions in letting a lot of followers on Instagram.

Not till recently, were there so many offers on getting followers with more options on free Instagram followers, through the many channels available. It is obvious, that more the followers on Instagram, the more credible the prospects in Instagram. With more followers on Instagram each of the post on Instagram is conveyed to larger areas of access to the community. Thereby the better chances are let through more followers on Instagram. If not for sales, Instagram is the refined utility of intimate advertising platform where you can reach the real class of probable customers and clients. Moreover, Instagram has a higher range of reputable sellers and other Business outfits on the cast for reforms and utility through Instagram.

If you are looking to gain Instagram followers naturally check out this video!

However Promoting a Brand on Instagram has been the class apart that has been fuelled by exponential growth of the registered and active users on Instagram. Also, Instagram has many inclusive facets that increase the web traffic to your websites and provide a reputed platform for any kind of business to guide the way forward. The recent activities of many Businesses on Instagram have been the evidence of Business Viability and increased marketing reputation for many companies. It has to be noted that the world renowned television brand, MTV has been one of the brighter companies on the showcase through Instagram for the last 5 years. The other reputed companies on Instagram include General Electric, Audi, Burberry, Nike, Gucci etc that are prime brands with international followers.

However there are lesser concerns when you buy or gain lot of followers on Instagram. The major aspect as seen in large followers on Instagram is the lack of Engagement and hence low Edgerank score on your Instagram. Secondly, a large number of followers on Instagram end up in spamming your followers; this would eventually follow with a decline in Integrity and reputation for any of the activities or business mode in Instagram.  The important aspect of being busted with large numbers followers cannot be ruled out. This is a kind of risk that would imply more adverse effects than any conclusive gain for any Business.

However, the proper care and optimal indulgence of followers on Instagram could do wonders and has the best measures for marketing and advertising that are deemed effective. Since Instagram is the latest trend on the Social Media, there is lesser stakes if you take on followers on Instagram.

If you have any questions don’t forget to contact us!

Instagram Follower Tips & Tricks

Hi Guys, this is quite a quick post to keep everyone updated and to let you know were still working on this site, don’t worry were never going to ditch you guys, even if you did we would post something letting everyone know whats going on that’s not going to happen so moving on…

On our last post we gave everyone a website in which you can get instagram followers for free since then we have had alot of feedback and people seem to like what were doing, Were happy to receive such good feedback and we ask that you keep it coming as it means so much to us! We have brought Thefreefollowe much more traffic than usual and they are very great full for it.

In this blog were going to try something a little different, so the last one we showed everyone how to get free instagram followers, in this one were going to show everyone some tips and tricks to keep your profile perfect and get some natural likes.

Below is a video of some usefull tips and tricks

This is defiantly a useful video and we can confirm we have also used it our self to gain some more natural followers and likes. We would really appreciate some feedback on this post, if people like the tips and tricks well be sure to write a whole new post listing some hidden secrets that only a few people know about.

For those who missed our last post on how to get free Instagram followers I would suggest you read it, however you can simply go and get your free Instagram followers by clicking that link! We can assure you that there will be no disappointment when using that site!

Well that’s about it for this one, please keep updated and be sure to share our site with your friends!

Let’s get this started!

Well if your reading this post I’m glad you’ve returned to see what we have in store! As this is our second post were going to keep this one nice and short as we did with the first one, not to worry short posts always get right to the point and tell you exactly what you need know! We could say this post is more of a update telling everyone we are still in business and searching for ways people can find free Instagram followers.

You will all be happy to know we have been searching the web for reliable websites, we like to make things thorough so before going straight ahead and giving you a website we like to spend a couple of days checking it all out. At the end of the day you don’t want us to go leak a website to find out it’s not working a couple of days later. We want people to keep reading our blog and we want to make it the best! Before releasing any information we will be checking through the whole website and making sure everything is legit before we leak it to you guys.

We know how eager everyone is to get the free followers for Instagram but we can assure you we are working very hard. The next post you will read from us will contain some valuable information on Instagram followers so don’t miss out on that one!

Just to add some reliable information to this post, we have found a very good website which has listed some Instagram tips and tricks, please click this link to go to the website. I can confirm I have read all the posts and found some very useful information. I’ve even used some of the tips on my personal Instagram account, no word of a lie I have gained a couple of hundred followers from doing so.

free instagram followers
We have been testing a couple of free website, we can happily say we gained 7k followers for free, make sure you read our next post as we will be sharing this website!


Welcome to our wonderful blog!

Hi my fellow friends,

We would like to welcome you to our new weird and wonderful blog, as this is just a welcome post we will be keeping this post short and sweet! Our blog is going to be about Instagram and how you can gain followers for free, we may also include a few posts about Instagram tips and tricks. There are lots of things out there which we could teach you!

Don’t forget to check back in the next upcoming days as that’s when well be posting our first post. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

Good luck fellow Instagramers, we hope to hear from you soon!

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